Methioninase (rMETase) 

Synergistic effect of Methioninase (rMETase) and BCNU on human brain tumor in nude mice

D. M. Kokkinakis et al. Synergy between Methionine Stress and Chemotherapy in the Treatment of Brain Tumor Xenografts in Athmic Mice. Cancer Research 61, 4017-4023, 2001


BCNU - 35 mg/m2,  rMETase - 1500 units/kg


 Methioninase (rMETase) induces DNA hypomethylation in cancer cells

D. Machover et. al. Treatment of Cancer Cells with Methioninase Produces DNA Hypomethylation and Increases DNA Synthesis. Cancer Research 62, 4685-4689, 2002


Effect of rMETase on DNA methylation of CCRF-CEM cells. DNA methylation was measured by incorporationof the methyl radical from L-[methyl3-H]SAM in genomic DNA. Histogram represents DNA methylation by SssI CpG methylase in untreated control cells, in cells exposed to 0.3mm 5-AzaCr for 48h, and in cells exposed to rMETase at 0.2 unit/ml for 6h [rMETase(A)] and 0.02 unit ml for 72 h [rMETase(B)].

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