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Real time whole body imaging of tumor growth and metastasis


Genetic vector with Red Fluorescent Protein (RFP)










Genetic engineering of human MIA-PaCa-2 pancreatic cancer cells to express RFP









Surgical Orthotopic Tumor Implantation of MIA-PaCa-2-RFP




External vs. Internal Quantitative Imaging

Tumor load determined by external imaging is strongly correlated with traditional measurements obtained after autopsy (r = 0.89).  The presence of abdominal ascites only slightly reduces the accuracy of such measurements (r = 0.83) when compared to mice without ascites (r = 0.95).



Model Example

Days After SOI

  10 17 24 48 56





External fluorescent imaging enables serial quantification of tumor burden and real time comparison of therapeutic efficacy.  CPT-11 suppressed growth of pancreatic tumors; gemcitabine actually induced transient tumor regression