• Founded in 1984.

  • Oldest free-standing Biotechnology Company in the San Diego cluster.



       35 including 20 PhDs and MDs. [CLICK HERE FOR THE PHOTO OF COMPANY EMPLOYEES]






  • The leading small-animal imaging Technology

  • OncoBrite Imaging Technology is based on green fluorescent protein (GFP) and related fluorescent proteins.
  • OncoBrite can image tumor growth, metastasis, angiogenesis, tumor cell trafficking, gene expression and other in vivo processes in real time.
  • The leading technology for real-time drug discovery.
  • More than one hundred cancer cell lines engineered with fluorescent proteins.
  • The Olympus OV100 Whole Mouse Imaging system is designed for OncoBrite Technology.
  • See Publications list (PDF Library)
  • Contact Li Tang, Business Development Manager, for licensing, contract research and equipment: all@anticancer.com
  • OncoBrite patents:

US: 6,232,523; 6,235,967; 6,759,038; 6,235,968; 6,251,384; 6,649,159; 6,905,831

Europe: 0979298; 1156833; 1294906

Japan: 3,709,343; 4,021,197

China: 03823937X

Germany: 60137501708

Korea: 10-868200

Australia: 749,338; 2003272221; 2001249297

Canada: 2,289,283; 2,358,439

Numerous worldwide patents pending


  • The leading mouse models of human cancer.
  • Patient-like mouse models of human metastatic cancer and angiogenesis.
  • Models of all cancer types.
  • The only patient-like models for metastasis and angiogenesis drug discovery.
  • Technology uses surgical orthotopic implantation (SOI) of human cancer cell lines and patient tumors.
  • Tumor growth and metastasis in MetaMouse - AngioMouse mimics clinical cancer.
  • More than one hundred MetaMouse- AngioMouse- OncoBrite imageable mouse models are available.
  • See Publication list (PDF Library)
  • Contact Li Tang, Business Development Manager, for licensing and contract research.
  • MetaMouse patents:

US: 5,491,284; 5,569,812 Reissue RE:39,337

Japan: 2,664,261

Europe: 0437488



        Histoculture Drug Response Assay

        Individualized Cancer Therapy

        In vitro drug sensitivity and resistance for solid tumors specimens from all patients for optimal drug treatment

        HDRA results correlate with patient survival

        See publication list (PDF Library)

        Contact Li Tang, Business Development Manager, for cancer patient testing and drug discovery screening: all@anticancer.com

        HDRA Patents:

US: 5,424,909; 5,474,909; 5,726,009; 7,252,941

Europe: 714,448; 1,567,672

Japan: 4,336,654

China: ZL200380108676.2




  • PEGylated recombinant methioninase (PEG-rMETase)
  • Recombinant protein depletes methionine in tumors
  • Tumor growth arrested and drug sensitivity induced
  • Active against all cancer types
  • IND filing in preparation
  • See publication list (PDF Library)
  • Contact Li Tang, Business Development Manager, for ONCase-PEG licensing opportunities: all@anticancer.com
  • ONCase-PEG Patents:

US:  5,690,929; 5,715,835; 5;861,154; 5,863,788; 5,888,506; 5,891,704; 6,231,854; 6,461,851; 6,524,571; 6,632,430; 7,264,819; 7,329,516; 7,799,549

Japan: 2,930,723

Europe: 668,933; 839,055; 1,005,557; 1,287,830; 1,183,034

Australia: 687,768; 708,361; 752,107

China: ZL96190574.3; ZL200480017595.6

Canada: 2,375,383; 2,149,776



  • Pluripotent hair follicle stem cells for general regenerative medicine

  • Hair follicle stem cells for nerve regeneration

  • See Publication list (PDF Library)

  • Hair follicle stem cell therapeutic patents:

US and worldwide patents pending

  • Contact Li Tang, Business Development Manager, for hair follicle stem cells therapeutic licensing: all@anticancer.com


Stem cells Patents:

      Europe 1677606

      China ZL200480039243.0




  • Salmonella typhimurium A1 auxotroph targets prostate and breast cancer

  • Additional Salmonella typhimurium auxotrophs are being developed to target other tumor types

  • See publication list (PDF Library)

  • Contact Li Tang, Business Development Manager, for licensing:  all@anticancer.com

  • Tumor-targeting bacteria patents: 

          Patents: Japan 4350519

          US and worldwide patents pending





         Liposome-based hair-follicle targeting Technology

        Small and large molecules can be targeted to the hair follicle

        Hair follicle gene therapy

        3-D culture of full thickness skin for hair growth stimulator and pigment modifier discovery

        See publication list (PDF Library)

        Contact Li Tang, Business Development Manager, for DermaTek licensing and contract research: all@anticancer.com

        DermaTek Patents:

US:  5,641,508; 5,646,508; 5,753,263; 5,830,177; 5,849,579; 5,914,126; 5,965,157; 6,080,127; 6,224,901; 6,261,596; 6,399,380; 6,733,776; 6,844,326; 7,556,825; 7,666,675

Japan: 2,950,519; 2,950,520; 3,978,179

China: ZL02823052.3

Europe: 573,606; 692,972

South Korea: 10-973424

Canada: 2,159,626

Australia: 2002336742, 731,559



A/C Diagnostics, LLC


  • AntiCancer Subsidiary


        Enzymatic Homocysteine Assay

        The simplest, least expensive homocysteine assay

        510 (k) cleared

        Automated on Hitachi 912 and related instruments

        Portable assay with 2 kg portable fluorescence reader

        Enzymatic Homocysteine Assay Patents:

US: 5,985,540; 5,998,191; 6,066,467; 6,140,102; 6,448,446; 6,468,762; 6,713,273

Japan: 3,337,693

Europe: 1,000,170, 1,265,846; 1,250,448

Australia: 758729; 2001229460

South Korea: 10-0682292

China: ZL98807531.8


        Enzymatic B6 assay

        Only non-radioactive enzymatic assay for B6

        Microtiter plate format

        Automated with TECAN FREEDOM EVO

        Enzymatic B6 Assay Patents:

US: 6,426,194

Australia: 765,931

Japan: 4,098,475

China: ZL 00803327.7

Worldwide patents pending


        Enzymatic cysteine assay


        Simple enzymatic assay for cysteine

        Suitable for automation on numerous platforms

        See publication list (PDF Library) for all A/C Diagnostics Publications

        Contact Li Tang, Business Development Manager, for all A/C Diagnostics products: all@anticancer.com

        Enzymatic Cysteine Assay Patents:

US: 6,927,038;

Europe: 1,456,399

China: ZL02823051.5

Australia: 2002346474

Japan: 4319545

Canada: 2,466,503

South Korea: 10-976967

Worldwide patents pending