Introducing AntiCancer’s GFP, RFP and CFP mice

 Now available!

For more information on GFP mouse:

Yang, M., et al.  Transgenic nude mouse with ubiquitous green fluorescent protein expression as a host for human tumors.  Cancer Research 64, 8651-8656, 2004


For more information on RFP mouse:

Yang, M., et al. A transgenic red fluorescent protein-expressing nude mouse for color-coded imaging of the tumor microenvironment.  J.Cell. Biochem. 106, 279-284, 2009


For more information on CFP mouse:

Tran Cao, H.S., et al. Development of the transgenic cyan fluorescent protein (CFP)-expressing nude mouse for “Technicolor” cancer imaging.  J.Cell. Biochem 107, 328-334, 2009


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