GFP, RFP, CFP tumor expression for quantitative functional imaging.
In vivo drug discovery and evaluation for tumor growth and metastasis.
Real-time in vivo visualization of tumor growth, metastasis, gene expression.
Functional imaging of drug efficacy on tumor growth, metastasis, gene expression.
More than 100 GFP/RFP-expressing tumor models available for MetaMouse®.
All types of agents can be evaluated: small molecules, proteins, genes.
In vivo high-throughput drug screening using non-invasive imaging.
Customized contract research for all types of anti-tumor and anti-metastasis drug discovery and evaluation.

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Orthotopic pancreatic cancer RFP model
Most clinically-relevant  patient-like metastasis models available

In MetaMouse® orthotopic models, the primary tumor develops in the organ corresponding to its origin and metastasizes to mimic the complexity of tumor behavior in patients. MetaMouse® models are therefore clinically-relevant for drug discovery and evaluation. Expression of fluorescent proteins enables real-time in vivo visualization of tumor growth, metastasis, angiogenesis and gene expression. MetaMouse® models are ideal for discovery and evaluation of antitumor and antimetastatic agents.
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