Intravital imaging of tumor vessels .
Whole-body imaging of tumor vessels .
Quantitation of vessel density .
Real-time angiogenesis studies .
Anti-angiogenesis drug discovery and evaluation
Green/red/blue fluorescent protein (GFP, RFP, CFP) color-coded imaging of blood vessels and cancer cells.
Whole-body functional imaging of drug efficacy on angiogenesis.
More than 100 GFP/RFP-expressing tumor models available for AngioMouse®.
Orthotopic metastatic AngioMouse®models.
Customized contract research for all types of anti-angiogenesis drug discovery and evaluation.
Discover and evaluate new effective drugs for angiogenesis in vivo

Intra-vital and non-invasive imaging visualizes tumor angiogenesis at both primary and metastatic sites.

Color- coded imaging allows visualization of cancer cells expressing one color fluorescent protein interacting with their blood vessels expressing another color fluorescent protein.

AngioMouse® models are ideal for discovery and evaluation of antiangiogenic agents, including vascular disrupting agents (VDA).

GFP blood vessels, RFP cancer cells
GFP blood vessels in nestin-GFP mouse
ND-GFP-expressing blood vessels growing into tumor mass
Blood vessels visualized by contrast with GFP tumor
RFP blood vessels, GFP cancer cells
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